Index of Filesystems

A list of the Filesystems currently supported by PyFilesystem (that we know about).


Filesystem in the PyFilesystem2 module.

  • AppFS Filesystems for application data.

  • FTPFS File Transfer Protocol.

  • MemoryFS An in-memory filesystem.

  • MountFS A virtual filesystem that can mount other filesystems.

  • MultiFS A virtual filesystem that combines other filesystems.

  • OSFS OS Filesystem (hard-drive).

  • TarFS Read and write compressed Tar archives.

  • TempFS Contains temporary data.

  • ZipFS Read and write Zip files.


Filesystems in the PyFilesystem organisation on GitHub.

Third Party

Filesystems by third-party developers. Please Contact us to add your filesystem here.

  • fs.archive Enhanced archive filesystems.

  • fs.datalake Azure Datalake Storage filesystem (work in progress).

  • fs.dropboxfs Dropbox Filesystem.

  • fs-gcsfs Google Cloud Storage Filesystem.

  • fs.googledrivefs Google Drive Filesystem.

  • fs.onedrivefs Microsoft OneDrive Filesystem.

  • fs.smbfs A filesystem running over the SMB protocol.

  • fs.sshfs A filesystem running over the SSH protocol.

  • A filesystem for accessing YouTube Videos and Playlists.

  • fs.dlna A filesystem for accessing DLNA Servers.

  • imapfs Work in progress filesystem for imap (email) servers.

Will McGugan
Aug 5, 2019